Hi, my name is Susan, co-founder of Spot Free Fundraising. Having two daughters of my own, I have seen many different fundraisers. I have also been involved with the PTA for the past 10 years. I have helped raise money selling cookie dough, pizzas, catalog items, flower bulbs, magazines, you name it, I helped sell it. There are many good fundraisers out there. There are many different ways to raise money. However, so many are overpriced and take more work than it should. Many fundraisers involve, selling….. then ordering…… then picking up the items…… then delivering the items. That is a lot of work for the money raised.

After years of fundraising, I was determined to find or create a fundraiser with a good product and less work on everyone, while still raising enough money. With the help of my co-founders, I found that perfect product. Spot-Out Sponge Card is a very ‘unique’ product and sells for only $5.00. It ‘is’ that perfect Fundraiser. Asking our friends and neighbors to spend just $5.00 for something they actually need and will use, is so much easier than asking them to spend $15 to $20 on something they really don’t want. Sell Spot-Out Sponge Cards for your next fundraiser and I’m convinced your neighbors won’t dread seeing your son/daughter coming over asking them to contribute to their school/organization.